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The Development plan of the university of Tehran before providing the expansion space of the higher education, is to maintain and spread the lasting scientific and cultural values beyond the present campus of the University and  connects various educational establishments, from the east to Amir Kabir university and Albourz high school and on the other side to Enghlab square and Karegar avenue( students' dormitories complex ).

With the acquisition of the lands around the university, possibility of expansion for each faculty around and behind their existing area (Figure 4) would be provided and the present roads around the university could be converted to green walking locations.


The main campus, because of its historical value and unique cultural position will be preserved and any changes would be carried out only as to enhance the architectural originality and artistic glory of the present sites.


The boundary of the plan around the central campus has been defined and determined in three main pieces: the first phase (in north) with the area of 34750 square meters, the second phase (in east) with the area of 111062 square meters and the third phase (in west) with the area of 121875 square meters and in total 267687 square meters.



Figure4.Comparing the existing area and those futhled by the development plan

A construction ground of about 200 thousand square meters has been devoted to the expansion of the university (Figure 5). It will meet the educational needs and shortages of the faculties in the vicinity of their old buildings in the form of educational complexes constructed in harmony with the previous cultural and architectural texture of the university (Figure 6). In summary the main objectives of the development plan may be expressed as follows

1.      Promoting the quality of the existing curricula and research programs in the main campus.

2.      Expanding the post-graduate studies.

3.      Establishing at least eighteen new curricula and departments.

4.      Expanding the required spaces, equipment and the human resources.

5.      Enhancing the cultural activities in the university of Tehran and the surrounding areas.

6.      Reducing the environmental stresses in the university of Tehran and the surrounding areas.




2003, University of Tehran, Informatics Center, Tehran, Iran



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