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The University of Tehran, with a history dating back to seventy years ago, is considered to be the mother of Iranian universities and the cradle of science, literature, art and new technologies in Iran (Figure1). It also enjoys the reputation for being the paramount factor of growth and development of the country in. the fields of health, engineering, educational science, management, law and in a word, the stimulating force of higher education.

The idea of establishing the University of Tehran for the first time was proposed to the Cabinet by Dr. A. Hekmat as the Minister of Education in January 1934. Following that the Parliament ratified the Bill and its first faculty, i.e. the Faculty of Medicine was officially inaugurated in May of the same year.


In the beginning, the University had six faculties:  Medicine, Engineering, Science, Law, Literature and Theology. In the following years, gradually some other faculties and research institutes were added to it.



The main gate of the University of Tehran

 In the course of the ups and downs of its existence, this University has trained and offered to the society 14000 general physicians, 5000 specialist surgeons (different disciplines), 4000 lawyers, 33000 engineers in various fields including architecture, urban planning, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc.13000 graduates in different fields of basic science and 81000 graduates in different branches of human sciences. The present area of University of Tehran totals 21 Hectares in which 20,418 students are pursuing their studies. About 17,127 other students are currently studying off-campus (Table 1). After completion of the development plan, the area of the university campus will increase to 55 hectares out of which 7.5 hectares being the present walking passages.



Table 1: Total student population outside and inside the main campus of the University of Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Science (2000-2001)

University Population

University of Tehran

Tehran University of Medical Science


Inside the campus




The whole  university





2003, University of Tehran, Informatics Center, Tehran, Iran


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